HR and Payroll Services

We provide comprehensive payroll and HR services. We are serving both small entitles employing few persons, multinational corporations and companies seconding their staff to Poland and abroad. Scope of our services is tailored to our Client’s needs, we provide either full HR and payroll services, or specific requested by Client services such as for example payroll operation for group of employees (Board Members, managerial staff, etc.).

Co-operation with us enables to reduce the cost incurred on payroll administration, guarantees full confidentiality of the remuneration structure and the professional support in respect to Labour Law and Social Insurance issues.

Our company offers services in the following main areas:

  • monthly HR services (updating of employee personal data, recording work time and etc.), drafting of employment contracts/amendments;
  • payroll processing (calculation of net pay, personal income tax and social insurance contributions);
  • preparation of pay slips for each employee;
  • execution of net remuneration transfers on behalf of the Client;
  • compilation of remuneration costs in accordance with the allocation of costs required by the Client;
  • preparation of monthly social insurance (ZUS) declarations;
  • filing of tax returns and ZUS declarations on behalf of the Client.